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10 Reasons Every Practice Should Add a Weight Management Program

Increase your patient base: Adding a weight management program to an aesthetic practice can help attract a new population of patients who are looking to improve their appearance and health through weight management. If your current practice offers weight loss surgery, then you already realize not every potential patient is a good candidate right away. Adding a non-surgical weight management option is a great alternative to allow you to serve even more patients.

Integrate a Wellness Lounge into your Existing Practice

A Wellness Lounge that focuses on obesity and overall health can help! Instead of turning down the patient and saying, “Come back when you’ve lost some weight,” PHPS offers a Medical Weight Management Program (MWMP) that provides structure and lifestyle coaching for patients to decrease their BMI. Not only does this increase business by keeping a patient who would otherwise be lost, but it helps build a rapport with patients that makes them feel more at ease on their surgery day. Reasonable expectations are managed over time, resulting in much happier patients.
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We have the data! Converting Machine Readable Files to Human Readable Files!

The Trump era Transparency in Coverage (TiC) rule released in 2020 focused on insurance companies and require that insurers make machine readable files (MRFs) of negotiated in-network rates and out-of-network allowables publicly available on their websites by July 1st, 2022. Going one step further, by January 1st, 2023, plans must make cost-sharing information available for 500 defined items and services.
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